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Cologne, a city full of historical beauty and vibrant culture, offers perfect opportunities for visits, whether for business events, tourist explorations or special occasions.

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Tach' schmal und kumm erin! Cologne, the lively metropolis on the Rhine, impresses with its unique charm and rich history. Known for its Cologne Cathedral, the lively old town, carnival, its warm hospitality and, of course, its Kölsch beer, the city combines culture and joie de vivre. And it does so in a way that will captivate you as a visitor. Cologne radiates a lively dynamism that is reflected in its colorful streets and diverse events.

Here, living tradition meets modern cosmopolitan flair. The city on the Rhine has also established itself as an important media and cultural location. Cologne is therefore the perfect city to discover its many facets in a hired bus. In Cologne, you will experience a fascinating mix of historical heritage, artistic diversity and modern city life. Cologne is also a business location with many large companies and trade fairs.

If you would like to hire a coach to Cologne, we offer various options. We have a diverse selection of vehicles to suit your specific requirements. In addition to coaches and minibuses, which are ideal for smaller groups or city tours, larger coaches are also available for longer excursions or larger groups. In addition to basic comfort, these vehicles also offer extras such as air conditioning, comfortable seats and modern entertainment systems. The ability to choose from such a wide range of vehicles ensures that every customer can find exactly the vehicle that meets their requirements and expectations. You can enjoy our service in various cities. Whether Munich, Hamburg or Berlin: we provide comfortable passenger transportation.

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Get to know our strong fleet. With bus sizes for up to 89 passengers. Travel individually, quickly and carefree with agt.

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You will receive your own driver for your Journey

Group travel saves CO2 compared to individual travel

Highly equipped fleet, many services can be booked additionally

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Every vehicle in our fleet is carefully selected and maintained to meet your requirements for the highest standards of safety, comfort and reliability. Our range extends from limousines, minibuses and vans for small groups to coaches and double-deckers for large groups. For business occasions, we offer special business versions of our vans, minibuses and coaches. More special? With our rarities, VIP vehicles and private jets. Whether it's a small, intimate group or a large, extensive event, we have the right vehicle. With a modern and versatile fleet, we are able to cater to a wide range of transportation needs, ensuring that every ride is an enjoyable and smooth experience. This flexibility allows you to choose exactly the right vehicle for your group trip, whether for business or pleasure.

Our fleet includes low-emission vehicles that are not only environmentally friendly, but also equipped with the comfort and efficiency that our customers expect. With our commitment to sustainability and ongoing investment in green technologies, we strive to minimize the environmental footprint of every journey. You can rest assured that by hiring one of our buses, you are making an environmentally conscious choice that also contributes to our quest for a more sustainable future. Our certificates and awards in various areas such as quality management, safety and sustainability motivate us to continue making a difference.

We work closely with a selection of trusted bus partners to offer a customized range of vehicle options. These partnerships allow us to respond flexibly to special customer requests and always provide the optimal transportation solution, even for large requests. The cooperation with various bus companies also ensures a high degree of flexibility and reliability, which is particularly important for complex or extensive events.

We understand that every journey is unique and therefore offer individual solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements. This is also reflected in our pricing policy. We always charge you an individual price for your journey, depending on your requirements. You only pay for what you book. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with our coach partners, we are able to offer you special conditions, even with higher occupancy rates throughout the year. We always ensure that our partners are highly reliable. Safety First! Our buses and drivers undergo regular training to ensure high safety standards.

In our range of services you will find services that are specially tailored to the needs of our customers. Our offer includes not only the rental of buses of different sizes and equipment, but we also offer comprehensive event logistics including shuttle buses. In addition to the pure transportation solution, this also includes catering services, bus branding support for transportation-related event planning and implementation as well as suitable services such as hotel bookings. Our aim is to make every event or trip a unique and carefree experience.


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Cologne impresses with its lively flair and many attractions and cultural highlights.

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customer reviews
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Our bus world

In our agt Bus World, we provide information about current developments in our company, as well as the latest topics and events in the bus and mobility industry.

In our agt Bus World, we provide information about current developments in our company, as well as the latest topics and events in the bus and mobility industry.

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