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Shaping the future with foresight: That is our family heritage.

The management of our company embodies tradition and progress in the fourth generation. Characterized by family values, it combines foresight with a down-to-earth attitude and promotes a culture of solidarity. Under their direction, many years of experience and a spirit of innovation come together to ensure stability and growth. This management level, deeply rooted in the company's history, continuously provides impetus for sustainable success and customer proximity in a modern business environment.

We guarantee accuracy and trust in the flow of finances.

Accounting at agt is not just a department, but the financial conscience of the company, where accuracy and trustworthiness reign. Our experts monitor the financial flow on a daily basis to ensure the stability and sustainability of our business activities.

We are the reference point for our flexibility - be there, be CS!

Our Customer Service acts as a personal assistant, always ready to tackle any challenges that arise with expertise and commitment. As a reliable partner, Customer Service is available day and night to ensure a seamless and worry-free experience.

We bring movement to events - our commitment creates structure and perfect moments.

In Event Coordination, we break the stereotype that traveling and permanent work do not go hand in hand. We are the mobile heart of agt, operating worldwide to check every detail, plan personnel and seamlessly accompany every event. Thanks to our experience and commitment, we navigate our clients comfortably to their desired destination.

Creativity meets talent management: the heart of our dynamic working world!

We value diversity as the core of our identity. Human Resources is a dynamic team that promotes innovation, activates talent and values every voice. This is where passion and creativity shape the working world of tomorrow. The department acts not only as a connector, but also as a springboard for ambition, with community, development, diversity and opportunities for advancement always at the forefront. The future of work is being shaped here!

We put sustainability and quality into the DNA of agt.

At the heart of agt's strategic orientation is the Integrated Management System (IMS), a symbiosis of quality and environmental management as well as occupational health and safety. Its focus is on examining internal processes, advising management and introducing advanced workflows, always with the aim of increasing sustainability and efficiency - a commitment that is confirmed by our certifications.

Innovation and technology - our code for a networked future.

At the heart of agt's technological dynamism is our IT department, which is passionately dedicated to the continuous optimization of our network and the implementation of the latest hardware. IT are the guardians of a flexible and mobile working culture, always striving to create efficient solutions and manage the IT infrastructure with the utmost care.

We turn ideas into unique brand identities - we think beyond the box.

In the vibrant world of marketing, we are the creative architects behind the brand. Our passion drives us to push boundaries and design exceptional campaigns that inspire and connect. With one eye for detail and the other on the market, we combine strategy, creativity and data to not just follow, but set trends. We create concepts that bring brands and people together.

Strategic purchasing and getting the bikes on the road is our core business.

Our Procurement combines innovation with passion by constantly searching for the latest mobility trends that redefine our customers' travel experience. Their strength lies in the implementation of tailor-made mobility concepts, supported by a strong network of partners to meet every customer requirement.

Expanding our network is our daily incentive.

Our Procurement combines innovation with passion by constantly searching for the latest mobility trends that redefine our customers' travel experience. Their strength lies in the implementation of tailor-made mobility concepts, supported by a strong network of partners to meet every customer requirement.

We turn every encounter into a partnership, every event into an experience!

Sales - Bus Logistics is at the heart of customer care, offering tailor-made vehicle solutions for every event and implementing exciting projects worldwide. We are not just consultants, but also relationship builders who turn customer contacts into long-term partnerships. With a finger on the pulse of sustainable mobility, they initiate pioneering projects. They overcome the challenges of large plants and complex shifts by creating customized routes that ensure safety and punctuality for all employees.

Between innovation & reliability: We realize daily mobility shuttles.

Distinguished by its flexible deployment, the Sales Shuttle plans and implements factory trips for major customers. With agile workflows, digital processes and a team that works progressively, they are able to serve a large number of locations in parallel and implement every customer request. At the Sales Shuttle, ambition, motivation and digital work come together to achieve great things.

Driving the future of mobility forward together

Promoting freedom of choice and creativity

Creativity knows no hierarchy at agt: every voice counts. We value and encourage qualified ideas and independent decisions that mean efficiency and progress for everyone.

Respectful and open interaction

Our open culture fosters a working environment in which honesty, respect and constructive feedback are the foundations of daily interaction.

Communication is the key

Communication is key: agt focuses on transparency, sharing knowledge and ideas proactively, always with the intention of growing and inspiring together.

Germany's top service provider in mobility management.
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Report misconduct

As soon as you become aware of incidents or business practices of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH where you have doubts as to whether they are in accordance with the legal regulations, the Code of Conduct or other guidelines of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH, you can report them now.

Not only the support of employees, but also the assistance of customers and business partners is of great importance. This is the only way to react immediately and avert or minimize damage. Ideally, the problem should be discussed directly and confidentially with a contact person at AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH. In this way, a solution can be found quickly and without detours.

However, there may be situations in which this direct route does not appear feasible. In such cases, a specialized legal ombudsman (lawyer of trust) has been set up as an internal and external reporting office at AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH. The information will be received confidentially. The reporting person can communicate openly with the ombudsman, stating their name and contact details. This makes it possible to ask questions about the facts of the case, which sometimes proves to be very helpful. If desired, however, the identity of the person making the report will not be disclosed.

If you do not wish to disclose your identity to the lawyer of confidence, you can submit information online and anonymously via the following whistleblower portal. Anonymous tips will also be investigated.

It is trusted that no information will be submitted with dishonest intent. False reports can have legal consequences. With the help of this reporting system, AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH ensures that every report is carefully checked and that the reporter does not suffer any disadvantages as a result.

The attorney of trust of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH can be reached at the following contact details:

Compliance Officer Services Legal

Attorney Stephan Rheinwalt
Telemannstrafle 22
53173 Bonn
Tel.: 0228/ 35036291
Mobile: 0171/7722906
Fax: 0228/ 35036292