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In changeable times, our short-notice company transport offers your employees relief. You can sit back and relax while experienced drivers take your employees safely and comfortably to their destination. This not only increases satisfaction in the company, but also gives your employees a more focused and motivated approach to the working day.

Ad hoc planning and immediate deployment

With agt at your side, you can transform company transport into a strategic resource for your company. Thanks to our many years of experience and our international network of bus operators and partnerships, we create mobility solutions that are not only reliable but also flexible. Whether your business is large or small, our services will increase your productivity, reduce downtime and increase employee satisfaction.

In day-to-day business, companies are faced with the challenge of finding mobility solutions for both short-term and long-term needs. agt offers two different services for this: Works transportation for ad-hoc and short-term requirements and employee shuttles for a long-term mobility strategy. The company transport service is characterized by its ability to react quickly and flexibly to unforeseen events such as construction work or road closures. It is the ideal solution for companies that need to solve mobility problems at short notice. Employee Shuttle, on the other hand, is designed for the long term, promotes employee satisfaction and provides a sustainable mobility solution. It is suitable for companies that are looking for a permanent solution for employee transportation. Depending on their needs, companies can choose between these two effective mobility solutions.

Our strengths lie in the personalized planning and implementation of your shuttle service. We offer a comprehensive, free needs and location analysis as well as customized route planning. Our professional customer service team continuously monitors the process, provides you with detailed reports and uses the latest digital tools for live tracking and GPS monitoring. Benefit from our extensive network and local coordination by our team to optimize the transport of your employees. By choosing us, you are choosing a partner who is committed to efficiency and satisfaction in your company.

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Discover agtshuttle - the new standard for corporate transportation solutions! Through strategic route planning, continuous availability and the highest safety measures, agtshuttle ensures that your employees are transported safely and reliably to and from work.

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Increase your employees' satisfaction through direct trips to the plant.

Improving punctuality and efficiency through centralized workflows.

Reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of sustainable vehicles.

Reduction in the sickness rate through complete satisfaction at work.

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Business doesn't wait, especially when unforeseen events such as construction work, road closures or serious incidents could disrupt the normal workflow. In such scenarios, agt is your lifeline. We offer ad-hoc plant transportation solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our resources and route planning are flexible enough to cope with short-term challenges without affecting performance. Our priority is to get your employees to their workplace safely, on time and stress-free, regardless of external factors.

Our team is trained to respond quickly and efficiently to sudden traffic problems. We can create the logistical means at short notice to ensure your workforce arrives at work safely and on time. Our digital route optimization tools allow us to plan the best routes ahead, even when faced with challenges such as roadworks or detour.

Our services are backed up by various certificates in the areas of quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety, which underline the reliability and quality of our services. Safety and efficiency are of the utmost importance to us. Our vehicles and drivers undergo regular check-ups and safety training. With our digital tools, we guarantee efficient processing and, if required, real-time monitoring, even for last-minute requests.

Our strength in providing plant transportation lies in our adaptability, even in short-term scenarios. We understand that every customer has unique requirements, especially when it comes to unforeseen circumstances. That's why we rely on our modular fleet structure to ensure we can provide exactly the right vehicles for your specific needs. Our global network of partnerships allows us to offer an extensive fleet - no matter where, no matter when!

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Trust us, just like these satisfied private individuals and companies. Together we have organized great events with buses and our other services.

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customer reviews
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Our bus world

In our agt Bus World, we provide information about current developments in our company, as well as the latest topics and events in the bus and mobility industry.

In our agt Bus World, we provide information about current developments in our company, as well as the latest topics and events in the bus and mobility industry.

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Discover all the articles about our company, our fleet and the topics of sustainability, travel and careers.

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As soon as you become aware of incidents or business practices of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH where you have doubts as to whether they are in accordance with the legal regulations, the Code of Conduct or other guidelines of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH, you can report them now.

Not only the support of employees, but also the assistance of customers and business partners is of great importance. This is the only way to react immediately and avert or minimize damage. Ideally, the problem should be discussed directly and confidentially with a contact person at AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH. In this way, a solution can be found quickly and without detours.

However, there may be situations in which this direct route does not appear feasible. In such cases, a specialized legal ombudsman (lawyer of trust) has been set up as an internal and external reporting office at AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH. The information will be received confidentially. The reporting person can communicate openly with the ombudsman, stating their name and contact details. This makes it possible to ask questions about the facts of the case, which sometimes proves to be very helpful. If desired, however, the identity of the person making the report will not be disclosed.

If you do not wish to disclose your identity to the lawyer of confidence, you can submit information online and anonymously via the following whistleblower portal. Anonymous tips will also be investigated.

It is trusted that no information will be submitted with dishonest intent. False reports can have legal consequences. With the help of this reporting system, AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH ensures that every report is carefully checked and that the reporter does not suffer any disadvantages as a result.

The attorney of trust of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH can be reached at the following contact details:

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Attorney Stephan Rheinwalt
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53173 Bonn
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