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The timetable for your dream wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it's time for the preparations - not easy to keep track of everything. When it comes to the timing of a wedding, it takes a lot of organizational talent. But don't worry, we have put together a chronological timetable to help you. This will help you to plan the course of your wedding.

You should start your planning by setting a date. This not only makes your big day more tangible, but also provides excellent orientation. It is advisable to spread the organization of your dream wedding over a period of one year. This will allow you to take a stress-free approach. Our checklist created for you will help you to make the most important arrangements. Of course, you can download it at any time and adapt it to your needs.

Working with a checklist is an essential step in planning your wedding, and here's why it's so important. A wedding is a significant event that requires a plethora of details and tasks, from choosing the perfect location and creating your guest list to booking a photographer and choosing flowers and decorations. Without a well-structured list, important steps can easily be overlooked, and stress and stress can occur in the final moments.

Our wedding checklist offers you the opportunity to organize your planning and keep track of all the tasks. It helps you to prioritize, meet deadlines and ensure that nothing is forgotten. It also helps to minimize stress and increase the anticipation of your big day, as you can be sure that everything has been carefully planned. With our checklist, you'll be well equipped to have a smooth and successful wedding. Rely on it to make your dream wedding a reality!

Using a wedding checklist is key to a well-organized and smooth celebration, as it helps you keep track of every aspect of your dream wedding.

Wedding with style

From stag parties to glamorous wedding trips, immerse yourself in our bus world for inspiring ideas - whether ideas for your stag party or wedding.

12-10 months. The first steps towards the altar
First of all, you should concretize your ideas, naturally in a regular exchange with your partner. This includes coordinating your ideas with a budget that you have set. This depends on the supporting program of your wedding, the location, number of people and possible travel costs for your guests. Take advantage of our budget planner.

Start drawing up a guest list at least 10 months in advance so that you are aware of the scale and feasibility of your wedding. In particular, consider the question of whether you want to provide accommodation for your guests or pay for their travel to and from the venue. You are welcome to take advantage of our offer of a combination! It is also advisable to determine the guest list in good time so that the guests are informed in good time. This will help you to avoid the disappointment of cancellations at short notice.

You should also have found and booked a suitable location within 10 to 12 months. This step will allow you to easily realize your visual ideas in the coming months. It is also advisable to take care of your wedding attire already. It is important to make appointments for bridal stores early, as the delivery time for some stores can be 6-9 months. This could limit your choice in the future.

9-6 months. Choosing the right service providers
Now that your dream wedding has taken shape, you should hire suitable service providers. This includes looking at the entertainment program, such as musicians. You should also find out about catering and wedding florists near your desired location. Pay attention to the specifications of the venue you have booked.

Professional photographers and confectioners who breathe life into your vision are also important. The wedding cake in particular should not only be an eye-catcher, but also taste good. So, if possible, arrange cake tastings! Have you already decided on a photographer? Ask about the usage and image rights!

The honeymoon should be planned at least 6 months in advance in order to be able to keep to the wedding schedule without stress. Do not disregard the validity of your travel documents.

Depending on the course of your wedding, you should reserve a date for the civil ceremony. Check the validity of your identity documents in advance. Do you or your partner not have German citizenship? No problem, you can find important information on getting married in Germany at the Association of Binational Families and Partnerships. Optionally, you can organize a church wedding or ask for a wedding speaker for an outdoor ceremony.

Nothing should go wrong on your big day. Use our exclusive anniversary service for a high-end service for the transportation of your guests.

Early preparation is crucial

5-2 months. Wedding preparations for creative minds
Most of your wedding planning is done. Now you need a knack for decorative details! Getting into a creative mood doesn't happen at the push of a button - we've taken this into account when planning your wedding. Create the first drafts for the invitations, place cards and the program booklet in relation to the course of your wedding. Let a print shop support you in the design process.

It's not just the decoration of the venue that comes to the fore, but also that of your wedding car. Whether as part of a themed wedding or a traditional wedding ceremony - the journey to happiness must be just right! To ensure that the wedding decorations on the car do not result in unwanted gifts from the public order office, you should adhere to the road traffic regulations. You can find an overview of the permitted decorations at Buß

In addition to the checklist for your wedding, agt will also assist you with your choice of vehicle. We will actively assist you. In addition to luxurious limousines, we also offer numerous rarities, such as a vintage coach or an American school bus. The latter could be used, for example, to transport your guests from the registry office to the wedding location in style. How about personal branding or a delicious meal from our catering service while our professional chauffeurs take you to the airport? Let us know your ideas!

To ensure that you don't miss out on time together during the final steps, you go in search of the perfect wedding rings together. Thanks to our timing, you've got most of it done and can now take a relaxed trip to the jeweler. A dance class can also calm the excitement and provide a fun yet useful distraction.

1 month. Yes! The timing of your wedding
In the last month of being single, you should carry out a general check with everyone involved. Check the status of the invited guests and forward the updated seating plan and room reservations to the respective venue. Prepare for your wedding speech and make final fittings for your wedding attire.

If you've stuck to our schedule so far, all that should be left for you to do now is pack your bags for your wedding night and honeymoon. That means you can finally sit back and relax.

Whether as part of a small family celebration or a grand entrance - agt is looking forward to being part of your big day. Contact us today and we guarantee you a ride to happiness!

Your all-in-all tasks

A wedding planning checklist provides a structured and stress-free approach to ensure that no important details are overlooked.

Planning a wedding takes about a year, starting with setting a date and budgeting realistically.

Choosing the right service providers, from the location to photographers to the wedding cake, should be done 9 to 6 months in advance to realize the vision of the wedding.

In the last 1-2 months before the wedding, creative details such as invitations, decorations and wedding favors are crucial, while at the same time the focus is on organizational aspects such as guest management and seating arrangements.

These and many other checklists

For your big wedding day, but also for many other occasions, we provide the perfect guideline for your planning with our individual checklists.

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