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Bus hire in Leipzig made easy thanks to agt

Leipzig boasts a hip art scene, historical sights and a flourishing economy. The city serves as a hub for regional and international events, which underlines the importance of reliable transportation solutions such as bus hire in Leipzig. Leipzig, often referred to as Little Paris, is a city full of history, culture and vibrant energy.

The need to transport large groups efficiently, whether for congresses, cultural events or tourist group trips, makes coach hire in Leipzig a popular service. This is where agt comes into play - a leading provider in bus and event logistics. We know how to offer mobility services that are not only practical and comfortable, but also integrate seamlessly into the needs of any group trip.

No matter whether you want to visit the city for a trade fair, for example, or for the beautiful architecture. It is well worth a visit. The city, which has more bridges than Venice, has recently made a name for itself as a trendy, trendy city and some of its neighborhoods have a very individual, alternative charm that inspires creative people in particular. But Leipzig also knows how to inspire historically. Leipzig also boasts beautiful architectural works such as the Nikolaikirche. It was the starting point of the peaceful revolution that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

With deep roots in the region and a comprehensive understanding of the mobility needs of different customer groups, we focus on a customer orientation that prioritizes safety, comfort and reliability and enables you to rent a bus with driver in Leipzig without any problems.

With agt as your travel partner, you can explore the diverse sights of Leipzig and the surrounding regions in comfort and style. The greater region around Leipzig offers a rich selection of cultural, historical and scenic attractions that are ideal for day trips or longer journeys. With agt as your mobility partner, you can explore these diverse destinations stress-free and in comfort.




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Our fleet includes a wide variety of vehicles for different occasions and sizes. For 2 - 89 people.

Top destinations for the Leipzig region

Leipzig also offers a lot to explore beyond the region. Here is an overview of our favorites for you.

  • DresdenKnown as the "Florence on the Elbe", Dresden is just a short drive from Leipzig and is famous for its breathtaking architecture, including the Frauenkirche and the Zwinger.
  • Weimar: Weimar, a city closely associated with the names Goethe and Schiller, offers a deep literary history and numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Saxon Switzerland: This impressive nature reserve, known for its unique sandstone formations and breathtaking views, is a paradise for hikers and climbers.
  • Harz National Park: The Harz, one of the largest forests in northern Germany, is not only known for its mystical forests and mountains, but also for the historic Harz narrow-gauge railroad that leads to the Brocken.
  • Chemnitz: As European Capital of Culture 2025, Chemnitz is preparing to offer an extensive program of cultural events and projects that combine the city's industrial past with its vibrant contemporary art scene.
  • Leipziger Neuseenland: An extensive project to transform former open-cast mining areas into a lake landscape offers numerous leisure and water sports opportunities, making the area a popular destination for excursions.


With our tailor-made transportation solutions, you can reach all these destinations in comfort. Whether for cultural excursions, business events or simply to relax, we offer flexible and reliable transportation options to suit your travel plans. Let us take you to the most beautiful places in and around the greater Leipzig region.



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Our bus fleet convinces

agt's fleet is versatile and comprehensive to meet all transportation needs, from private occasions to large corporate events. We offer a wide range of vehicle options to best suit the different requirements and wishes of our customers.

Diversity and specialization

The vehicle range includes modern limousines for exclusive business trips, spacious minibuses and vans for small group trips and our double-decker buseswhich are ideal for city tours and large groups. Each vehicle is specially equipped to ensure comfort, safety and a first-class travel experience. For particularly large groups or special requirements, we also offer XL coach and Nightliner which are equipped with additional amenities such as WLAN, entertainment systems and on-board kitchens. And if it gets really special, our rarities such as the American Schoolbus or vintage bus have the potential to become the absolute eye-catchers of your project.

Technology and comfort

Technologically, all vehicles are state-of-the-art. They have automatic air conditioning, comfortable seating and modern safety systems that guarantee a safe and pleasant journey. For business trips or special occasions, we offer our business class coaches and vans with conference tables, leather seats and other luxurious extras that make every journey a special experience.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

We focus on sustainability in our fleet. Many of the buses are equipped with environmentally friendly technologies that minimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions. This reflects agt's commitment not only to serving the comfort and needs of its customers, but also to making a contribution to environmental protection.

With this extensive and diverse fleet, agt is well prepared to meet every bus rental requirement in Leipzig and beyond, always focusing on the highest standards of safety, comfort and customer service. We are not just a provider of coachesbut a comprehensive mobility partner that provides a wide range of services and additional offers to perfectly support any event or trip.

Event logistics and customized solutions

Whether for trade fairs, corporate events or private parties, agt offers complete event logistics servicesthat go far beyond the mere transportation of people. The company not only coordinates transportation, but also the entire logistical process on site. This includes the provision of hostess services, catering options and technical support to ensure that every event runs smoothly and professionally. Bus hire and so much more.

Shuttle service for every need

From simple airport transfer to regular employee employee shuttles agt offers flexible shuttle shuttle services that are specially tailored to the needs of our customers. With an extensive network of bus partners and experienced drivers, we guarantee punctuality and efficiency to get participants to their destination safely and comfortably.

Group tours with individual planning

For travel groups we offer tailor-made group tours that make every tour a unique experience. From planning the itinerary to selecting the specific coach equipment, we work closely with clients to ensure that their ideas are realized. A high value is always placed on comfort and the travel experience to ensure that travelers have an enjoyable and enriching journey.

Additional services for special requirements

In addition to transportation services, we offer various additional services that make your journey special. These include, for example, the personalization of the buses with branding, hotel accommodation during the journey or the provision of security-related and specialized services for the limousine service in our armored limousine. With this comprehensive range of services, agt ensures that every aspect of mobility is carefully planned and executed, with customer satisfaction and specific requirements always at the forefront.

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Why choose agt?

Quality and safety: Our modern vehicles are equipped with the latest technology and are regularly serviced to ensure the highest safety standards.

Flexibility and variety: With a wide range of vehicles and customized services, we adapt to your requirements, whether for small groups or large events.

Sustainable practices: agt is committed to environmental sustainability by implementing environmentally friendly vehicles and practices that minimize the environmental footprint.

Experienced and friendly staff: Our professional team is at your side with help and advice from the planning to the execution of your trip.


Group travel

Efficient passenger transportation from start to finish. Our group tours take your group smoothly and safely to its destination.

Easy Booking, Easy Ride

At agt, the booking process for hiring a bus in Leipzig is designed to be simple, transparent and customer-friendly. From the initial inquiry to the final booking, we support you with a clear and structured approach to meet your specific transportation needs.

Step-by-step guide to booking a bus with agt:

Step 1: Make contact

Start your booking process by contacting us. This can be done via the website, by phone or email. Prepare basic information such as the date of your trip, the number of passengers, the departure and destination locations and any special requirements or requests regarding the bus or additional services.

Step 2: Receive an individual offer

Once your requirements have been recorded, we will prepare a customized quote tailored to your specific needs. This quote will include detailed information on costs, available bus options and any additional services you may require.

Step 3: Clarify details

Once you have received the quote, you can clarify any details with us. The team is ready to answer all your questions or make adjustments if your plans change or you require additional services.

Step 4: Confirm booking

When all details are clarified to your satisfaction and you are ready to proceed, confirm your booking. agt will ensure that all aspects of your trip are planned and prepared, from itinerary planning to organizing special requests.

Step 5: Enjoy your trip

On the day of your trip, agt will ensure that everything runs smoothly. The driver will be at the agreed meeting point on time and all special arrangements, such as on-board catering or entertainment, will be provided as planned.

Customer support and aftercare

Even after booking, agt remains your point of contact. The company offers intensive customer support for any emergencies or final adjustments during the trip. After the trip, agt welcomes feedback and is happy to help with any future transportation needs.

This customer-oriented booking process ensures that every journey with us is not just transportation from A to B, but a complete, satisfying travel experience. With agt, you are choosing a partner that offers you not just a means of transportation, but a comprehensive mobility solution that meets your specific needs. We stand for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, whether for daily shuttle services, special occasions or extensive event logistics.

Our service portfolio includes products that offer individual passenger transportation par excellence for both business and private customers.

Top destinations for Leipzig

Leipzig presents itself as a destination for travelers who are interested in both historical monuments and cultural institutions. Discover the many highlights of the region together with agt.

About us

On our About us page, you will find insights into who we are, what we stand for and where we want to go. For ever better passenger transportation and mobility.

agt: The high performer in passenger transportation

We attach great importance to sustainability and innovation. The company uses advanced technologies and sustainable practices to minimize its environmental footprint while maximizing comfort and efficiency. Of course, this is also helped by the fact that coach travel is the low-emission choice of passenger transportation. So you can leave the vehicle behind for many reasons. You save on fuel costs, do good for the environment and enjoy traveling in groups.

The key that sets us apart from other providers? The deep commitment to quality and safety. The company is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified, underlining its commitment to high quality services, environmental protection and occupational safety. These certifications are testament to the rigorous standards agt applies in all aspects of its operations, from the maintenance of its vehicles to the training of its employees.

With an impressive portfolio of services, ranging from individual shuttle services to the We know how to respond to the dynamic demands of modern travel and event planning with flexibility and efficiency. This, coupled with our sustainability efforts, makes us a responsible and future-oriented partner in the world of mobility.


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Find out all about our sustainability efforts and how we are trying to make mobility more emission-friendly with our passenger transportation.

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Convince yourself of our quality and our ambition to become better and better. Every day. For better mobility.

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Certified standards according to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001

Extensive vehicle safety checks every 90 days

Personal support throughout the entire process

Our bus world

Our bus world

In our agt Bus World, we provide information about current developments in our company, as well as the latest topics and events in the bus and mobility industry.

In our agt Bus World, we provide information about current developments in our company, as well as the latest topics and events in the bus and mobility industry.

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