social sustainability

social sustainability: humans as the most important resource

The central core of social sustainability is development of society. Among other things, this involves combating poverty, meeting basic needs and ensuring equal opportunities, including access to information and resources. In terms of corporate management, social sustainability focuses on the issue of work to secure livelihoods and equality. The objective of social sustainability is defined as the equality of income, compliance with labor rights, health protection and general social standards for all employees.

The pillar of social sustainability represents an elementary phenomenon in the corporate philosophy and management for AGT Coach & Event Logistics for various reasons. We always strive to make adjustments that create socially sustainable working conditions in our everyday office life, show social commitment and are aware of our responsibility in the context of public relations.

social sustainability in the corporate structures of AGT Coach & Event Logistics

At AGT Coach & Event Logistics, social sustainability begins with respect for human rights, which are a fundamental part of our corporate governance. Therefore, in accordance with our company-wide policy on labor and human rights, we are committed to upholding these obligations. AGT Coach & Event Logistics is guided by the fundamental principles of social sustainability with regard to labor and human rights of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the International Labor Organization (ILO). In the event of a violation of the given guidelines on labor and human rights, affected persons will in future be able to communicate a complaint via the whistle-blower procedure. Together with the association “Whistleblower-Netzwerk e.V.”, a team of employees of AGT Coach & Event Logistics was sensitized to the topic of whistle-blowing management as a procedure for socially sustainable dealings with employees through comprehensive training. Starting with the hiring process, labor and human rights are to be preserved and respected at AGT Coach & Event Logistics. Therefore, the human resources department underwent mandatory training measures to ensure diversity in the company. This is to ensure equal opportunities and avoid social imbalance.

diversity and equal opportunities as a significant factor in social sustainability

At AGT Coach & Event Logistics, diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace are emphasized as part of social sustainability. By shaping our corporate culture based on diversity and the respective experiences of our employees, we want to consolidate ourselves as a fair and attractive employer. Consequently, individual strengths of our employees are promoted for sustainable development.
Hiring employees from a wide range of regions and cultures enables a high diversity of approaches and communication methods and reflects the multicultural corporate culture of our company. With an already existing share of women of over 50%, we are committed to the responsibility of giving every employee the same opportunities, in particular the opportunities to advance to management positions.

anchoring social sustainability through a work-life balance

The socially sustainable retention of employees at our company location is a goal that is to be achieved by supporting the compatibility of private and professional concerns. The new, supportive measures regarding working conditions form the socially sustainable basis for motivated and satisfied employees. By offering various working time models, we provide our employees with the opportunity to adjust their workload to their individual needs. For employees who have taken statutory parental leave, integration measures are available for a smooth re-entry into working life. In this way, the entry into the company should take place according to a regulated schedule and contribute to a successful integration into the company. In summary, our work-life balance measures are designed to proactively prevent any inequalities and ensure a balance between professional and private life.