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Trainee becomes sales manager – her way to the career

04.14.2022: Janina Winkler’s on the 4th floor of the headquarters in Hamburg and answers a few questions about her success story. Read here how Janina went from trainee to sales manager:

Interviewer: Hi Janina, please introduce yourself to our readers.
Janina: I am Janina Winkler, 23 years old and live in Hamburg. For almost two years I have been supporting the sales department of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik as a Sales Manager.

Interviewer: How long have you been with AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik and what is your background so far?
Janina: I started my training as an event manager in August 2019, but was already able to get to know the company as a sales assistant from spring 2018. So it’s already been over four years. Already in 2018, I was assigned to Hilmar Thies, a long-time employee and authorized signatory of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik. Since then, I have been able to learn a lot from him and benefit from his experience. I am very grateful to him for this, as it enabled me to quickly work independently. During my training, I had the opportunity to get to know quality management in addition to sales. When my trainer took over the leading position of another department, resulting in restructuring, the management had great confidence in me and made me an independent sales manager. Fortunately, I was able to take over a large number of his business customers, such as Birkenstock, Allianz, and ERGO. In January 2022 I completed my training and shortly afterward I was assigned, my first assistant. In the meantime, my team consists of three employees, which I am very happy about.

Interviewer: Wow, you’ve made a lot of progress, during and after your training. You met all expectations, what were your expectations at AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik?
Janina: Hmm, a very good question … I let it come to me and was pleasantly surprised. Starting with the great projects to the responsibility you get to carry here if you want to.

Interviewer: Interesting. Looking back, can you say that you made a good decision in choosing your training company?
Janina: Definitely. I was very lucky with my instructor. He did a lot for me. AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik is like a big family, there are ups and downs, but they are there for everyone and have an open ear for everyone. If they notice that you are committed and motivated, they will support you in every area – even as an apprentice.

Interviewer: What do you enjoy most about your job?
Janina: In any case, customer contact. Due to Corona, things have been quieter here in the past 2 years. Currently, I’m noticing an increase in activity again. I now have more responsibility, which means I’m even more committed to finding and maintaining customer contacts. I look forward to going to work every day because there are always new projects, feedback, bookings, and many other exciting tasks.

Interviewer: That’s good to hear. Now we come to the last question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Janina: That’s difficult to say because I couldn’t imagine becoming a sales manager before. Of course, during my training, I wondered what was to come. However, I thought that I would stay in the same team. Through AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik I have learned so much and gained a lot more self-confidence. I never expected to take on responsibility so quickly and for that I am grateful. In five years, I still see myself in the same position. But maybe with a bigger team. In the best case, I’ll build up even more regular customers and get bigger projects. I’m perfectly happy in my job.

Interviewer: I think it could not have been said better. Dear Janina, thank you so much for the interview and I wish you continued good luck and even more success!

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