celebrate your anniversaries
with our authentic party bus

If an anniversary party takes place at a special location, it makes sense to rent a party bus. This way, all guests can easily get from A to B and party to their heart’s content. The question of who has to drive does not arise. Moreover, if the location is a bit remote, you are sure that all participants will find their way there and back.

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agt busvermietung und touristik bus und eventlogistik privatkunden ihr besonderer anlass jubilaeum geburtstag hochzeit feierlichkeit feier oldtimerbus oldtimer bulli van partybus
agt busvermietung und touristik bus und eventlogistik privatkunden jubilaeum geburtstag hochzeit feierlichkeit americanschoolbus american schoolbus gelber bus schulbus partybus

the right party bus for every occasion

Are you planning celebrations like a round birthday, a club anniversary, the 25th or even 50th wedding anniversary or even a high school reunion with former schoolmates? If you rent a reliable bus, you have the free choice of the location, because we drive your guests to any place in Germany and Europe. As a party bus you can rent a comfortable coach or choose our special bus models. How about an American Schoolbus or a classic car for your event?

rent a coach and party hard

A bus for a special occasion does not have to be expensive. If you rent a bus with driver from us, you will find that we offer very good services for a small price. We also have the experience of almost 100 years of company history and will advise you as comprehensively as individually. It is always an event to rent a party bus; just as every anniversary is something special. When you rent a bus from us, the organization is entirely up to you. Your celebrations last until after midnight or even two or three days? Use our offer around the party bus, so that all guests not only come to the respective celebration place, but also find their way back or are reliably brought to their hotels and guesthouses. Instead of organizing complicated driving services, use our bus for the special occasion and concentrate on the celebration itself from now on.