a special day at the amusement park

Especially for a class trip, an amusement park is a special destination at any time of the year. Because an amusement park like Bavaria Filmstadt, Belantis, Hansa Park, Heidepark Resort, Phantasialand or Tropical Islands guarantees a day full of fun, games and excitement. A trip to an amusement park is always a popular combination of entertainment and thrills. If you want to enjoy a particularly relaxed excursion, you should hire a bus for the day. From the bus ride itself to the ticket organization, everything is taken care of.

to the amusement park by bus

For a group, club or class trip to a theme park, there is no more convenient means of transport than a bus. Compared to an individual journey, a bus trip has numerous advantages. Probably the biggest one is that passenger transportation by bus means absolute freedom from stress. Passengers do not have to worry about any detail of their own journey. Renting a bus with a driver means that you will be picked up at your desired location and brought back home comfortably in the evening. Especially on a class trip, the fun starts as soon as you board the bus. Renting a bus always means an extra portion of sociability. On a class trip, students and teachers can already talk to each other on the bus and share their experiences. In addition, on a class trip to an adventure park, passengers can enjoy snacks and refreshments to their heart’s content aboard a bus.

school outing with AGT

With a passenger transport company like AGT, the safety of the passengers is paramount. When you rent a bus with driver from us, you can be sure that at the wheel is a long-time experienced chauffeur who knows his business. Especially when driving with children, safety has top priority. In addition, as a passenger transport company, we also attach great importance to the comfort of a bus ride. When you hire a bus from us for an excursion to an amusement park, you get an all-round feel-good package that not only includes pure passenger transportation, but also ranges from ticket organization to additional services such as packed lunches, drinks or accommodation.

advantages at a glance:

  • simple and complete package booking
  • cost-effective complete package
  • convenient due to preferential admission
  • one contact person or team
  • optimized route planning
  • individual planning