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How trainees make a career at AGT Coach & Event Logistics

Early 2021:
It’s a rainy day in the hanseatic city and like every weekday, Deborah Neumann, also known as Debby, is driving the thirty-minute route to her job – AGT Coach & Event Logistics in Hamburg, Hammerbrook. One thing, however, is different on this day. When Debby opens her email inbox to read her latest email, she didn’t expect the surprise. She is told for the first time her new job title: Key Account Credit Controller.
She beams as she realizes that her efforts are being rewarded.

September 2021:
We are sitting with Debby, the 28-year-old from Hamburg, in the conference room of a multi-storey office building. She hasn’t got much time. One eye is always on the screen of her cell phone, as she is almost expected in the next meeting.

What follows is the narrative of an ongoing success story. Deborah Neumann tells us about her journey from training as an event manager to her career as a key account credit controller, how she found her professional path and what motivates her.

Interviewer: Debby, I’m glad you took the time to tell your story. First of all, how are you doing and would you like to introduce yourself?

Debby: I’m doing great (laughs). I am Deborah Neumann, 28 years old and from Hamburg. My hobby is singing. In fact, I sing in the church choir and often organize events in my private life. Planning and organizing are also part of my interests outside of work. I simply like clear structures.

Interviewer: Planning sounds interesting. I’m sure that must have helped you in your career.

Debby: Totally. I wasn’t nearly as organized before my apprenticeship as I am now. That’s where the training period at AGT shaped me.

Interviewer: Your title is “Key Account Credit Controller”. What does that mean?

Debby: My responsibilities consist of customer support and looking after our own Amazon plants. I am also primarily responsible for the billing system for key account customers. This includes controlling the invoices and the costs for our orders.

Interviewer: That sounds like a lot of responsibility and a penchant for fiddling with numbers. Have you always been good at math?

Debby: I’ve always been good at math. However, math was not one of my favorite subjects.

Interviewer: What should an applicant or already trainee for event management consider beforehand, if you were to look at the skills?

Debby: One should have logical thinking skills and if one has experience with Excel, that is also an advantage. As far as soft skills, you should have stamina and sufficient drive.

Interviewer: Drive is the keyword. You’ve already had a stellar career at AGT. What has been your greatest success so far?

Debby: During the training period, each trainee is given the task of planning an event completely independently. You even get to choose your own team. I had the task of planning an Oktoberfest-themed company party for our client. Everything went according to plan and our customer was overjoyed everything went smoothly. That’s when I realized that I’m very satisfied with my performance and happy that the customer and his guests are also pleased.

Interviewer: That sounds like a lot of work. As the saying goes, “Life’s not easy as a trainee!” Does this apply to you?

Debby: At AGT, if you are seen to be contributing and your ideas are well thought out, you will be automatically offered the chance to move up. I am not an exception either. At AGT, everyone is treated equally, and everyone is listened to. That’s why I knew very quickly that I wanted to be taken on after my training. The working atmosphere is simply cool.

Interviewer: Was there anything you found particularly good during your training?

Debby: The pay (laughs). There are good benefits such as an HVV ticket allowance, lots of excursions and fun company parties.

Interviewer: You’re still quite young, can you see yourself working in this job forever?

Debby: I know I want to eventually move into the wedding industry because that’s where my skill set and interests overlap. The good thing is that the wedding sector at AGT is currently being expanded and growing rapidly. As I mentioned earlier, as an employee at AGT, you get the chance to grow professionally and personally. This would be my future vision. But I am also very satisfied with my position now.

Interviewer: Thank you Debby and I think we got a great insight into your career at AGT. Thank you very much.

There are many opportunities for a career at AGT. The well-established Hamburg-based company places great emphasis on developing its workforce and trainees. With diligence and will, the opportunities for advancement seem almost limitless.

See you soon and have a good trip!

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