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As of: 04/01/2023

Dear partners, dear colleagues,
In the following you will find our General Conditions of Purchase (GCP). The following GCP constitutes an integral part of our mutual contractual relationship and serves the purpose of mutual openness.

1. Insurance, concession, classification and minimum wage

By signing the transport order, you confirm that the vehicles used by the contractor have sufficient general liability insurance cover against personal injury and property damage. In addition, the buses are insured in accordance with the type of use and have the necessary requirements for accessing all waypoints (e.g. environmental badges) as well as the corresponding licences. The contractor undertakes to pay its employees the statutory minimum wage in accordance with § 1 MiLoG consistently and on time.

The drivers employed by the contractor are so-called vicarious agents in accordance with § 831 BGB (German Civil Code) in relation to AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH and have the respective valid passenger transport licence.

2. Use of third party companies

The order shall be carried out with the company’s own vehicles. Subcontracting to third-party companies or the use of third-party buses requires the prior consultation and approval of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH.

Any additional costs incurred (e.g. parking charges, longer bus provision or additional kilometres) shall be borne by the customer and shall generally be invoiced directly on site. A deviating regulation (interpretation of the costs on site and subsequent invoicing to AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH) must have been expressly agreed in the transport order.

Please state the transport order number on your invoice. If, in exceptional cases a subsequent invoice becomes necessary, AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH must be informed in writing of the reason and the amount of the costs no later than 3 days after the end of the journey.

3. Invoicing

Invoices are always issued after the execution of the order or, in the case of longer-term orders, after the expiry of the agreed invoicing period (after 7, 14 or 28 days). All invoices must always be sent to:

If invoices are not sent to the specified e-mail, payment delays cannot be ruled out.

If all the necessary data is available, incoming invoices will be paid by AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH 14 days after receipt of the invoice. The following details must be available:

  • Name and address of the company providing the service
  • Name and address of the recipient of the service (please ensure the correct company name and current address)
  • Date of the service and our transport order number
  • Place of departure, destination and intermediate destinations
  • The net amounts broken down by tax rates
  • The respective tax amounts
  • The date of issue (= invoice date)
  • A unique invoice number
  • The tax number or the VAT identification number of the issuer

4. Confirmation of order – deviations

Upon acceptance of the journey, the contractor declares that he agrees to the above-mentioned agreements and accepts them in full. The transport order must be confirmed by the contractor before the start of the transport to the e-mail address from which the transport order was sent. Any deviating conditions from the GCP must be clearly defined in the transport order.

5. Withdrawal conditions

AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH (client) has the option to cancel the journey at any time. The conditions below apply:

Up to 21 days before the trip: free
20 – 10 days before the trip: 50 %
9 – 2 days before the trip: 75 %
1 day before the trip: 90 %

(deviating conditions must be defined in the transport order)

6. Customer protection

The contractor undertakes not to enter into direct business contact with the client’s customers and not to act for them either directly or via third parties. Furthermore, the contractor undertakes not to enter into any business contact with the client’s customer if the client or a third party commissioned by the client establishes the contact. For each case of infringement on the part of the Contractor, a penalty of 5,000 euros per infringement shall be paid to the Client. The amount of the penalty may be reduced by the Contractor if it proves to the Client that it has suffered a lesser loss. This agreement is binding on the contractor for 24 months after legally effective recognition and expires in the event of non-renewal.

7. Secrecy

The contractor is not permitted to pass on information about the client or the commissioned projects to unauthorised third parties in the run-up to the trip. In the event of any infringement on the part of the Contractor, a contractual penalty shall be payable to the Client. 6. Client protection, sentences 3 and 4 shall apply accordingly.

8. Quality management

The contractor shall allow AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH to determine by means of supplier audits (second party) whether its quality assurance measures or company processes meet the requirements of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH and its customers. After prior notification, a supplier audit can be carried out as a system, process or product/service audit. For this purpose, the contractor shall grant AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH access to the relevant operating sites, test centres, warehouses and adjacent areas during normal business hours, as well as inspection of the quality-relevant documents of the service performed for AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH. The employees of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH are obliged to maintain confidentiality about the knowledge gained. AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH shall inform the contractor of the result of these audits in writing. If, in the view of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH, measures are necessary to fulfil the above-mentioned requirement, the contractor undertakes, within the bounds of what is reasonable, to draw up a plan of measures without delay, to implement this in due time and to inform AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH thereof. If the contractor is not prepared to do so, AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH shall be entitled to cancel the order free of charge.

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