capacity: 3-6 seats
van class models: Mercedes Benz v-class, VW Multivan class,
Fiat and Renault
equipment: navigation system, air conditioning, seat belts, lightly tinted windows, audio system

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Small bus needed for the group trip? Rent a van now!

You want to go to a concert with your friends, to an important appointment with your colleagues or to a vacation with your family and possibly have some luggage with you? In this case, a minivan is the ideal companion! It is suitable for a wide variety of uses. The small space miracle offers with its 3-6 seats a lot of space and storage for your travel group, and so that you also arrive relaxed, your modern small bus (e.g. Mercedes Benz V-Class or VW Multivan) has some extras such as navigation system, automatic air conditioning, audio system and lightly tinted windows.

You would like to rent a van and still have questions? Then please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your message. Would you like to use a business van for your business appointments or as a large-capacity limousine? Learn more about our business vans.