convertible double decker

Maybe you are planning a special event – with an experience as a highlight that will be remembered. Whether a day trip or a city tour, a convertible double-decker bus has special charm. There are enough seats in our convertible double-decker buses for a group tour of 60-89 guests. The upscale ambiance, in addition to the unique view from the upper deck, gives each tour group a sense of specialness. The upholstered seats promise comfort even for longer trips. Information can be communicated via microphones on all decks. This benefits not only a city tour, but also a longer day trip. If you also need a local tour guide for your trip, you can also book this with AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik.

a bus rental with great flexibility

Whether it’s a small or a large tour: Whether it’s a rally or a shuttle service, a day trip or a city tour – with the convertible double-decker bus, you have a special bus at your disposal that offers many possibilities.

We will be happy to advise you by phone or e-mail about a trip with this special bus.