long distance coach XL

capacity: 51-59 seats
models: 4-star version
equipment: air conditioning, seat belts, lightly tinted windows, audio system, microphone

Vorderansicht des Fernreisebus XL | AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik
Aufklappbarer Tisch während der fahrt | AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik
Fernreisebus XL von außen | AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik
Board-WC im Fernreisebus XL | AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik

comfortable and safe on the road
with the long-distance coach XL

Whether for supra-regional school trips, as a private shuttle service at trade fairs or for an external company event, the long-distance coach XL is suitable for almost all types of larger group travel. Thanks to its equipment, it allows every travel group to move forward extremely comfortably and safely.

renting the right coach –
which equipment do you really need

When deciding to rent a particular bus, the equipment of the coach usually plays a central role. With 51-59 seats, the long-distance coach impresses here with an extremely large amount of space, which is particularly suitable for a large travel group – such as on a school trip or a company event. As a modern long-distance coach XL in a 4-star design, the bus also has a number of upscale features that make it a perfect choice for a private shuttle service as well as for a group trip in the field of event logistics. In addition to automatic air conditioning and lightly tinted windows, the bus is also equipped with very comfortable travel seating and an audio system with microphone.

not only for school outings, profit from
AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik know-how

Especially on school trips or a class trip, the safe supervision of the students is one of the most fundamental aspects. Renting a coach not only guarantees a pleasant and inexpensive journey, but also enables the chaperones to keep an overview of the travel group at all times. But also in the event logistics and at company events the use of a bus rental is advantageous. The comfortable ambience promotes social exchange and provides a perfect setting for undisturbed speeches and short presentations. Renting a bus thus proves to be a socially and financially profitable option in many respects.

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