double decker

capacity: 60-80 seats
models: 4-star version
equipment: air conditioning, seat belts, lightly tinted windows, audio system, microphone

Vorderansicht vom Doppeldecker Reisebus | AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik
Doppeldecker von innen | AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik
Rückansicht des Doppeldecker Reisebusses | AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik
Getränkehalterung im Doppeldecker Reisebus | AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik

coach trip the a double decker

It is always said that the journey is the destination. For your club trip, class trip or company trip, this saying will certainly come true if you choose a double decker. Lots of space, lots of comfort and a magnificent view are always included when traveling in a double-decker coach.

rent a double decker and experience an unique trip

Renting a bus is easy and fast and is the straightforward answer to all your travel plans. If it should be something very special, then decide best for a double-decker. It offers the perfect setting for a shared experience. It is just as suitable for school trips or club outings as it is for company celebrations. Business customers in particular appreciate the comfort of these vehicles. With seating for 60-80 passengers, comfortable coach seating, automatic climate control and lightly tinted windows, you can enjoy pleasant travel in style and privacy. On-board entertainment is provided on demand thanks to a microphone and modern audio system, and of course the vehicle meets all safety specifications including seat belts at every seat.

A double-decker is especially suitable for a joint city trip, here you can gladly book a local guide as an additional service.

rent a bus and relax from the very first second

When you rent a coach, the journey begins from the very first moment. You take a seat in comfortable seats with plenty of legroom and don’t have to worry about anything, while a professional driver will make sure you get to your destination quickly and safely. You will enjoy more space, relax thanks to the high-quality equipment and have a box seat with a view of landscapes and sights. Double-decker buses are the first choice for a company or club outing or for a class trip, because they make the joint journey an experience from the moment of departure. Or you can decide to use several buses of this type to provide the right setting for large events or seminars. We will gladly take care of the coordination.

If you are interested in a double-decker coach, we will be happy to advise you. For your business trip in the double-decker, we offer a business variant of the coach. Learn more about our bistro double decker.