economic sustainability

economically sustainable management

Economic sustainability defines an economic system that is not entirely focused on profits, but rather aims to ensure a high quality of life for current and future generations. In view of this, knowledge and the opportunities to learn and grow should be promoted.

AGT Coach & Event Logistics is also aware of economic sustainability and has been working constantly to make the company’s business as efficient and economically sustainable as possible. This begins with the promotion of all employees and the creation of awareness with regard to economic sustainability. Our employees are our most important resource and therefore the company management strives to maximize the motivation of all employees and to enable sustainable employee development.

AGT Coach & Event Logistics combines economic sustainability and passenger transportation

Economic sustainability serves as a guideline for us to operate sustainably and to design strategies that benefit the environment and people. AGT Coach & Event Logistics considers in every decision-making process the question of which decision can offer what degree of economic sustainability and what impact it will have. It is not only environmental protection projects that we successfully implement, but also the implementation of training for our employees. Topics such as anti-corruption, resilience and sustainable procurement are addressed in detail and discussed in depth in various regular training sessions. Through the implementation of our Sustainable Procurement Policy, the focus is placed on the procurement of environmentally friendly products. The purpose of these training sessions is to sensitize employees to act in an economically sustainable manner in everyday work processes and to put the well-being of the environment and people first.

As part of the implementation of economic sustainability, we are required to conduct these trainings at regular intervals, not only to promote long-time employees, but also to convey the values of economic sustainability measured against the corporate philosophy of AGT Coach & Event Logistics when hiring new employees. Through the implementation of our guideline for sustainable procurement, the focus is placed on the purchase of environmentally friendly products.