ecological sustainability

making mobility ecologically sustainable

The pillar of ecological sustainability addresses the use of non-renewable raw materials from the earth. This should be kept as low as possible and should be replaced by renewable energies if possible. We feel this ecological pillar of sustainability is important in this respect, as we keep the damage to our ecosystem as low as possible and naturally implement sustainable resources for ongoing corporate management. For us, this means keeping emissions as low as possible so that they are compensable or do not cause any damage.
Within the framework of ecological sustainability, we pursue the goal of protecting our environment, including its natural resources. We have placed the focus on the consumption of water, energy and finite raw materials.

creation of environmental sustainability around the company

The aspect “ecology” also stands for a conscious handling of human health: substances harmful to health, starting with the equipment of our office space, the necessary resources in everyday office life as well as our field offices and activities in the field. Thus, we have replaced all conventional lights in the entire office space of AGT Coach & Event Logistics with LED lights. The service life of 20,000 hours ensures an energy saving of 44.9%. Another elementary issue for ecological sustainability at AGT Coach & Event Logistics is the procedure for destroying files and data media as well as for external file storage. Together with GreenDataProtection, we have made it our mission to make this process ecologically sustainable by promoting resource-saving, regional production of recycled office paper and combining our data destruction with sustainability. GreenDataProtection’s high-quality security containers for file and data media destruction are DIN 66399-compliant. Since we use natural resources for this process, we are actively improving the ecological and CO2 balance and setting new standards in terms of sustainability guidelines in office organization. GreenDataProtection’s high-quality security containers for shredding files and data media are DIN 66399-compliant.