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Why hire a bus in Düsseldorf?

Düsseldorf, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, is a vibrant metropolis that impresses with its unique combination of tradition and modernity. Known for its fashion and art scene, the city offers a wealth of cultural highlights, exclusive shopping opportunities and a vibrant nightlife. So plenty of reasons to hire a bus in Düsseldorf!

Hiring a coach offers many advantages for companies. At conferences, company events or team-building activities, all employees can travel together, which makes logistics much easier for companies and employees. It also promotes team spirit when all participants travel together. With agt, you can ensure that your employees arrive at their destination on time and relaxed, as they don't have to worry about the traffic themselves. A professional driver relieves you of this worry and allows your employees to concentrate on the essentials.

Düsseldorf is a city full of sights and cultural highlights. As a tourist group, you want to see as much as possible without having to worry about the best routes or parking options. A hired bus with driver allows you to get from one attraction to the next without stress. Whether you want to explore the historic old town, the impressive Königsallee or the modern MedienHafen - with a bus from agt, it's no problem. So you can enjoy your trip to the full.

Class trips and excursions are an important part of school life. Safety and reliability are paramount. With a rented bus from agt, teachers can be sure that their pupils are in good hands. The modern coaches offer sufficient space for pupils and teaching staff, as well as storage space for luggage and equipment. Travelling together on the coach strengthens the sense of community and makes organization easier.

There are also several reasons for locals to hire a bus in Düsseldorf. For family celebrations, weddings or other private events, a coach offers the perfect solution for transporting all guests comfortably and safely. No more worries about parking spaces or delayed guests - everyone arrives together and can enjoy the event together right from the start. What's more, transportation will be provided by a professional driver so that no one has to take on this task.


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Your mobility expert for bus hire in Düsseldorf

agt is your reliable partner when it comes to hiring coaches in Düsseldorf. With years of experience and a wide range of services, agt ensures that every journey is a pleasant experience. Whether corporate events, tourist trips, school excursions or private events - agt offers the right solution for every requirement.

  • Reliability: With agt, you have a partner who is punctual and reliable. You can rest assured that your journey will run smoothly
  • Comfort: agt buses are modern and comfortably equipped so that you can relax during the journey
  • Safety: Professional drivers with many years of experience ensure a safe journey
  • Flexibility: No matter what special requirements you have - agt ensures that your wishes are fulfilled
  • Customer-oriented service: The agt team is always available to advise you individually to find the best solution for your needs
  • Sustainability: agt relies on environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable practices to minimize its ecological footprint
  • Certificates: agt has multiple certifications, which underlines the high quality and reliability of its services


We offer a versatile fleet that has the right vehicle for every requirement. With different types of buses, it is easy to find the right vehicle for every need. Our practical and comfortable coachesare ideal for any type of journey.

With adjustable seats, air conditioning and plenty of storage space for luggage, they offer a reliable and cost-effective transportation solution for larger groups. Ideal for smaller groups or shorter trips, our vans and minibuses flexibility and comfort. They are particularly maneuverable in urban areas and offer space for up to 18 people.

Large group in tow? Our double-decker and XL coach offer space for up to 89 people. For particularly long journeys, our Nightliner. The fleet also includes rarities or VIP- and business vehicles with special equipment such as additional luggage compartments, extra features, special safety equipment or special seating arrangements, adapted to your individual needs.

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Fun facts & top 5 destinations in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is a city full of sights and cultural highlights. Here are the top 5 destinations you can visit with an agt coach hire:

1st Königsallee

Königsallee, also affectionately known as the "Kö", is one of the most luxurious shopping streets in Europe. Lined with exclusive boutiques, designer stores and first-class restaurants, the Kö is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts and strollers. The picturesque avenue with its central moat and magnificent chestnut trees also provides a wonderful backdrop for a leisurely stroll.

2nd Rhine embankment promenade

The Rhine embankment promenade is one of the most beautiful places in Düsseldorfto explore the city on foot. You can take a relaxing stroll along the Rhine, ride a bike or enjoy the view from one of the many cafés and restaurants. The promenade connects the old town with the modern MedienHafen and is a popular meeting place, especially at sunset.

3. old town

The old town of Düsseldorf, often referred to as "the longest bar in the world", is famous for its number of bars and brewerieswhere the local Altbier is served. In addition to the lively nightlife, the old town also offers cultural highlights such as the historic St. Lambertus Church and the old town hall. A stroll through the narrow streets gives you an authentic feel for the history and culture of the city.

4. media harbor

The MedienHafen is an example of modern architecture and urban design. Formerly an industrial port, it is now a lively district with futuristic buildings by star architects such as Frank Gehry. The MedienHafen is home to many trendy restaurants, bars and clubs and is a popular place for evening outings. Here you will find a mix of creative scene and business people.

5th Benrath Palace

The baroque Benrath Palace is located in the south of Düsseldorf and is surrounded by a beautiful park. The palace is home to several museums, including the Museum of European Garden Art and the Natural History Museum. The grounds are ideal for a relaxing stroll or a picnic and are a perfect destination for families and culture vultures.


Düsseldorf has some interesting and entertaining FunFacts to offer that make the city even more endearing and are sometimes new even for die-hard Düsseldorfers:


  • The city of Altbier

Düsseldorf is famous for its Altbier, a dark, top-fermented beer that is served in the traditional breweries of the old town. Altbier is an important part of Düsseldorf's culture and history.

  •  Carnival in Düsseldorf

The Düsseldorf Carnival, also known as the "Rhenish Carnival", is a colorful spectacle with parades, costumes and exuberant celebrations. The highlight is the Rose Monday parade, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year and transforms the streets of the city into one big party.

  • Heinrich Heine

The famous poet Heinrich Heine was born in Düsseldorf in 1797. He is considered one of the most important German poets of the 19th century. His birthplace is located in the old town and commemorates his life and work.

  •  Fashion and art

Düsseldorf is an important fashion and art metropolis. The city hosts numerous fashion events and trade fairs such as the CPD (Collection Première Düsseldorf). There are also a large number of museums and galleries, including the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen and the Museum Kunstpalast.

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More Information

Did you already know...

...that Düsseldorf is home to the largest Japanese community in Germany? The Japanese quarter around Immermannstraße offers numerous Japanese restaurants, supermarkets and cultural events such as festivals.


...that Düsseldorf is the birthplace of the globally influential electro-pop band Kraftwerk? The band, which was founded in the 1970s, is considered a pioneer of electronic music and has had a lasting impact on the musical landscape.

...that Fortuna Düsseldorf is one of the most traditional soccer clubs in Germany? Founded in 1895, the club has an eventful history with ups and downs and regularly plays in the top leagues of German soccer.

... that Düsseldorf has one of the most important theaters in Germany? It was opened in 1970 and is known for its modern stagings and high-quality productions. The striking building is a real architectural highlight.

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Top 5 destinations in the Düsseldorf area

Düsseldorf and its surroundings have a lot to offer! Here are the top 5 destinations that you can visit with an agt bus rental from Düsseldorf.

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In our agt Bus World, we provide information about current developments in our company, as well as the latest topics and events in the bus and mobility industry.

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